[Podcasts] Discovering the X-Files: “Ghost in the Machine”

Today’s offering sees host Erix discussing the seventh episode of the series with guest Natalia Castro. It’s a great conversation not only about the characters, but the subject of A.I. in science fiction shows and film. Is it possible to have an A.I.-centric sci-fi tale where the artificial intelligence DOESN’T go rogue and attempt to murder people? Probably, but where’s the fun in that.

Ghost in the Machine is a solid entry in this season. While it doesn’t have much new to offer when it comes to murderous A.I. stories, the character work makes it a worthwhile installment of the series. Not only does it give us another glimpse into Mulder’s pre-X-Files time with the Bureau, but it also further showcases how his former co-workers feel about his latest obsession. Throw in some fun character work from the A.I. creator and one of the building guards and you’ve got yourself a decent (but not great) “Monster of the Week” episode. Plus we get to see Deep Throat in a mythology-free setting! Now go listen to what Erix and Natalia have to say…

Episode 1.07: “Ghost in the Machine” (1993)

Directed by Jerrold Freedman
Teleplay by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon
Starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson
Guest starring Rob LaBelle, Wayne Duvall, Blu Mankuma, and Jerry Hardin

On Halloween, Mulder and Scully investigate the death of a corporate executive who may have been murdered by a thinking computer.

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