[Podcasts] Discovering the X-Files: “3”

Last season, we were blessed with an episode involving a werewolf, so it’s only fitting that Season 2 of The X-Files gives us a taste of vampire carnage. Scully might still be missing, but Mulder remains on the case and is (appropriately) more brooding than ever before. Is it a classic episode? Not really, but we have some fun discussing it anyway. Take a bite of our conversation below…

Episode 2.07: “3” (1994)

Directed by David Nutter
Teleplay by Chris Ruppenthal, Glen Morgan, and James Wong
Starring David Duchovny
Guest starring Perrey Reeves, Frank Military, Gustavo Moreno, Justina Vail, Tom McBeath, and Ken Kramer

While Agent Scully is still missing, Agent Mulder embarks upon an investigation involving vampires in Los Angeles, subsequently becoming involved with a sultry female vampire who yearns to escape her lifestyle.

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