[Podcasts] Discovering the X-Files: “Pilot”

Over the past 27 years, “The X-Files” has become one of the most popular genre TV shows of all-time and rightfully so. It deftly played with dozens of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, crime, and action tropes throughout each of its seasons and often did so while injecting each tale with compelling characters. Many fans, myself included, have revisited the show throughout the (almost) three decades that it has existed.

It doesn’t take much to convince me to do another watch-through of this series and I am about to do it again with my friend, Erix Antoine. Unlike me, Erix is a relative newcomer to the series, so he will be experiencing each episode with a fresh pair of eyes and a fresh perspective on its place in pop culture, both during the ’90s when it initially ran and in terms of today’s world. Discovering the X-Files is Erix’s baby and I’m just along for the ride! The plan is to drop two episodes of the podcast a week and he has over a dozen recorded thus far, so there’s plenty of content heading your way for the rest of this year.

While I am not his co-host for all of them, I will still be running pieces for each episode. I’ll also make it a point to include mini-reviews for the episodes that I am not present for on the podcast. As for the ones I am on? Well, you’ll just have to listen to hear my thoughts and settle for some basic episode info below. The intros will be shorter going forward.

Episode 1.01: “Pilot” (1993)

Directed by Robert Mandel
Teleplay by Chris Carter
Starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson
Guest starring Cliff DeYoung, Charles Cioffi, Sarah Koskoff, Leon Russom, and Zachary Ansley

Agent Dana Scully is instructed to debunk an FBI project dubbed “The X-Files,” paranormal cases that have been reopened by Agent Fox Mulder.

Discovering the X-Files is the latest podcast series for The Erix Antoine Network, which also boasts The Simpsons Countdown. So if you’re a “Simpsons” fan, be sure to tune into that show as well. Please like, rate, and review both podcasts, as well as subscribe to them through your favorite podcast avenue, be it YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Anchor FM, Pocket Casts, etc.

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