[Podcasts] Discovering the X-Files: “Conduit”

This one is a bit of an odd duck. While it is technically a standalone “Monster of the Week” episode that is divorced of the show’s “mythology” arc, there’s enough discussion about Mulder’s missing sister that it’s integral to said mythology nonetheless. It might not advance that on-going plot, but it is absolutely key to Mulder’s motivation and the show’s focus on alien phenomena. How important is it on that front? Listen and find out!

Episode 1.04: “Conduit” (1993)

Directed by Daniel Sackheim
Teleplay by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon
Starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson
Guest starring Carrie Snodgrass, Michael Cavanaugh, Charles Cioffi, Joel Palmer, Shelley Owens, Taunya Dee, and Donald Gibb.

Mulder becomes obsessed with solving a case that closely parallels an “encounter” he experienced as a child.

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