[Podcasts] Discovering the X-Files: “The Jersey Devil”

We’re back with another “Monster of the Week” episode and while the Jersey Devil is well-known urban legend beastie, the showrunners have taken a very different path in their exploration of it. Think less “winged horse-like devil-beast” and more “missing link”. Do Mulder & Scully solve the mystery of the Jersey Devil? Can they have lives outside of work? Should the above drawing be submitted to art exhibits? You have questions and we have (some) answers…

Episode 1.05: “The Jersey Devil” (1993)

Directed by Joe Napolitano
Teleplay by Chris Carter
Starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson
Guest starring Claire Stansfield, Wayne Tippit, Gregory Sierra, and Michael MacRae

Mulder and Scully track a legendary creature that has roamed the New Jersey countryside for over 40 years.

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