[Podcasts] Discovering the X-Files: “Irresistible”

Murder. Body part collecting. And, let’s face it, probably necrophilia too. No Robert Palmer though. This is a dark episodes and yet another example of the types of stories that would eventually depart The X-Files and find a home on Millennium instead. At its core we have a wonderfully low-key, sinister turn from Nick Chinlund (Con Air, The Chronicles of Riddick), who plays death fetishist Donnie Pfaster. This is another excellent episode and we have a great time talking about it…

Episode 2.13: “Irresistible” (1995)

Directed by David Nutter
Teleplay by Chris Carter
Starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson
Guest starring Nick Chinlund, Bruce Weitz, Christine Willes, Deanna Milligan, Glynis Davis, and Robert Thurston

Scully and Mulder hunt down a fetishist who collects pieces of the dead.

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